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Australasian Medical Review Officers Association (AMROA) Membership Information

AMROA Membership

Membership of AMROA provides accreditation with a professional body for those medical practitioners who work in the field of workplace A&OD programs and testing.

AMROA seeks to provide on going education, dissemination of relevant information and updates in the field of A&OD testing and programs. AMROA also aims to provide a central source of information and advocacy to the general public, government and industry promoting the role of the Medical Review Officer and the highest standards in workplace A&OD programs and testing.

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Requirements for AMROA Membership

1) Registered in the jurisdiction in which the Medical Practitioner practises;

2) Successfully passed a Medical Review Officer (MRO) examination set by either:

Australasian Medical Review Officers Association (AMROA)

  • Medical Review Officers Certification Council (MROCC) (U.S)
  • American Association for Medical Review Officers (AAMRO) (U.S.)
    within a period of 5 years.

Competencies expected of an MRO

An MRO should have knowledge of:

  • managing substance abuse disorders including employee assistance programs and rehabilitation referral resources
  • best practice in development of workplace A&OD programs including testing
  • current evidence on the health effects and social impacts of drugs and alcohol
  • the pharmacology of the drugs of abuse
  • laboratory testing methodology and quality control
  • drug and alcohol testing methodology and collection procedures
  • interpreting drug and alcohol test results, including possible medical explanations for positive laboratory results as well as an understanding of issues relating to adulterated and substituted specimens
  • relevant laws and regulations surrounding A&OD testing and programs
  • ethical and privacy considerations in workplace drug testing programs

Associate Membership of AMROA is available to a person who is not a medical practitioner.